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A little about myself

Hello, I’m Dave Bell, and I go by @operant on twitter (hence the site name). I am a proven senior cyber security leader with extensive experience leading, managing, planning and executing Red Team and other cyber operations in multiple industries and disciplines across the globe. I have broad experience in both the Public and Private sectors and have been recognized for my expertise in numerous ways–most recently by being featured in the “Tribe of Hackers: Red Team Edition” book published by Wiley.

A little about this site

The main motivation for this site is to document and share things as I learn them. As I work on Red Team things and related (or even unrelated!) side projects, I will post what I learn here on a best-effort basis. The end result will probably be part blog, part guide, and part memory aid for myself, but I hope you find it useful as well. Thanks for reading!

How to contact me

Between working full time as a Partner at Blackthorne Consulting, blogging, writing, and other side projects, there aren’t many hours left in my day. However, I do love to help people and enjoy working collaboratively on interesting projects! I’m also open to speaking, interviews, and guest writing with interesting people. If you have something you think would be fun to work on, definitely reach out. I may not be able to help, but I probably know someone that can.

For speaking, interviews, guest writing, or other projects, please email me directly.

If you’re just looking to connect socially, I am usually most active on twitter, and my DMs are open. Links to my other social media profiles are below, as well. I look forward to hearing from you!